A couple years ago my dad recorded my mother reading the Christmas story from the Pidgin Bible, so he could post it as part of that years online holiday letter to friends and family. I thought I’d post it here again for you to watch. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Finally cleaned up the Header, so it doesn’t have my TVaholic.com logo any longer. Soon will be updating to the latest version of Thesis and WordPress and testing out a few minor design changes before implementing them across my other blogs. Since, I mainly use this blog for testing things out, like plugins and such, [...]

Testing My Fall TV Grids

The following is my Sunday night grid for the Fall 2008 TV season. It shows what I will be watching etc. I will be posting them at TVaholic for each day of the week. Want to see what it will look like under the Semiologic theme. So, when I switch over, they won’t be all [...]

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