This is the personal blog of Jason J. Griffin. I mainly use it to test things out before I use them on my various blogs. Also, to occaisionally post about things that don’t fit at any of those other places. What are these other places of which I speak, well:

  • TVaholic.com – TV shows reviews and recommendations for what to watch each night on TV. @theTVaholic
  • TVtimesThree.com – A weekly podcast about TV with thoughts from three TV bloggers on recent TV related news, a discussion of the previous week’s primetime offerings, and a topic of the week. @TVtimesThree
  • NewMovieFriday.com – Reviews and info about recently released movies. @NewMovieFriday
  • GuidetoGolfEquiptment.com – Tips on buying golf clubs and equipment. @GolfEquipment
  • GolfReviewer.com – Coming soon. Reviews of Seattle area golf courses and driving ranges. @GolfReviewer
  • EastsideEats.com – Coming soon. Restaurant reviews from Seattle’s eastside. Checking out one restaurant at a time from Bothell to Bellevue. @EastsideEats
  • eWooing.com – Haven’t posted here in a long time, but it was a blog about online dating. @eWooing
  • TheBrownChronicles.com – Stories from inside the Brown Zone. I work at UPS and like many large companies, some funny stuff can go on. Need to start posting about them again, as I haven’t done so in quite some time. @BrownChronicles