I'm at Donut Bar in San Diego, CA https://t.co/f6Mq7qLaci https://t.co/MbRbgsdu7U # End of the Con Dinner (@ Basic Urban Kitchen & Bar – @barbasic in San Diego, CA) https://t.co/p2RVU5a87S https://t.co/Yzxas3LSlB # Off to Philly for Podcast Movement. (@ San Diego International Airport – @sandiegoairport in San Diego, CA) https://t.co/GrT1IWVadj # Landed (@ Philadelphia International Airport […]

Off to San Diego for Comic-Con! (@ Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Seatac, WA) https://t.co/y4ATpbZGfS # Landed. (@ San Diego International Airport – @sandiegoairport in San Diego, CA) https://t.co/0j6V9qnILT # I'm at Sweet Things Frozen Yogurt – @hiltonhotels in San Diego, CA https://t.co/BFi6aq2wpU https://t.co/XZU0uda6uq # Build Your Own Nachos (at @BootleggerSd in San Diego, CA) https://t.co/1U0UCwFWOM […]

@TacoTimeNW GOT AN EMAIL THAT SAID I HAD $2 OFF IF PAYING WITH THE APP THE 28TH THRU THE 30TH, BUT I DID NOT GET SA… https://t.co/Mc0GwyRosU # @TacoTimeNW Tries to, but Twitter won't seem to let me DM you. in reply to TacoTimeNW # @TacoTimeNW Can't DM you if you aren't following me. Just […]

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