Testing NextGEN Gallery Plugin by Adding a Whole Gallery to a Post

I tested NextGEN Gallery for adding individual photos to a post, but now want to see what a post looks like when you add an enite gallery. So, here are those Mariners game shots again.

Update 4:04 p.m.: Looks pretty good, now to see what it looks like in the feed.
Update 4:10 p.m.: Not good in the feed. The slideshow link takes you to some other feed on Feedburner and the photos link directly to there full version, not a gallery on your site with all the info/descriptions about them. Now I’m not sure if I’m going to use this or not.
Update 5:35 p.m.: I tried removing the Slideshow from the galleries and while that removed them from the site, the link still appears in the feed, which is where it doesn’t work. Looks like if I use a gallery in a post that I will have to cut it off in the feed and make the photos only viewable from the site. Also, came across a pretty good write up on how NextGEN Gallery works, even if it doesn’t help with my current problem.
Update 6:50 p.m.: Well, it looks like the Slideshow finally did get removed from the feed. But, still looks like I’m going to only display the photos on my site and not in the feed. Which isn’t that big of a deal cause some of the photos I will be using aren’t supposed to be only viewed on the site and not pushed to the end user anyway.

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