Really Need to Post Here More Often

Finally cleaned up the Header, so it doesn’t have my logo any longer. Soon will be updating to the latest version of Thesis and WordPress and testing out a few minor design changes before implementing them across my other blogs. Since, I mainly use this blog for testing things out, like plugins and such, […]

Testing a TVaholic TotT Post: To See How It Looks in This Theme

The following was posted earlier today over at my other site I am testing version 5.6 of the free version of the Semiologic theme for WordPress right now. I am trying to see what things presently posted over there will look like under this theme. Also, so I can make some tweeks to the […]

My Place for Stuff I Don’t Post About Other Places

This is my place to ramble about stuff and post pictures of things that I don’t post at and or my other sites that I update much less frequently, if at all anymore, like, and This will also be my place to test out plugins and other stuff before frakking […]