Finally cleaned up the Header, so it doesn’t have my logo any longer. Soon will be updating to the latest version of Thesis and WordPress and testing out a few minor design changes before implementing them across my other blogs. Since, I mainly use this blog for testing things out, like plugins and such, […]

Testing My Fall TV Grids

The following is my Sunday night grid for the Fall 2008 TV season. It shows what I will be watching etc. I will be posting them at TVaholic for each day of the week. Want to see what it will look like under the Semiologic theme. So, when I switch over, they won’t be all […]

The following was posted earlier today over at my other site I am testing version 5.6 of the free version of the Semiologic theme for WordPress right now. I am trying to see what things presently posted over there will look like under this theme. Also, so I can make some tweeks to the […]

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