I've only read 2. RT @ShaunaCausey: Great list: 11 Social Media & Technology Books You HAVE To Read http://bit.ly/aaNQDi (via @tacanderson) # Interesting read. RT @problogger: Thoughts on Klout and Psychology http://bit.ly/aRnvHD by @petershankman” # RT @graywolf: Archives: No More Link Begging: 4 Engagement Methods for Content-Based Link Building – Link begging is… http://bit.ly/c2eq3f # […]

What I really want is a WordPress plugin that will let me choose from a bunch of Social Media type sites like Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and add link to my profiles on such sites in the header or anywhere else on my blog. Plus, links to the RSS feed, a podcast feed, an RSS to […]

Test of Twitter Tools

I’ve updated Twitter Tools to 2.4, which is supposed to be the version that works with Twitter’s new authentication process. But, it isn’t updating from Twitter to the blog, so now testing if it will post from the blog to Twitter. Trying to get this working here before I go updating things on my other […]

A couple years ago my dad recorded my mother reading the Christmas story from the Pidgin Bible, so he could post it as part of that years online holiday letter to friends and family. I thought I’d post it here again for you to watch. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

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