Testing NextGEN Gallery Plugin by Adding a Whole Gallery to a Post

I tested NextGEN Gallery for adding individual photos to a post, but now want to see what a post looks like when you add an enite gallery. So, here are those Mariners game shots again. Update 4:04 p.m.: Looks pretty good, now to see what it looks like in the [...]

Testing a TVaholic TotT Post: To See How It Looks in This Theme

The following was posted earlier today over at my other site TVaholic.com. I am testing version 5.6 of the free version of the Semiologic theme for WordPress right now. I am trying to see what things presently posted over there will look like under this theme. Also, so I can [...]

Testing Photo Insertion Using NextGEN Gallery Plugin

Last Saturday I went to a Mariners game at Safeco Field. It was a great night. The tickets were free. The rain stopped before the game started and they opened the roof. The game went 11 innings. Unfortunately, the Mariners lost. But, they pretty much suck this year and were [...]

My Place for Stuff I Don’t Post About Other Places

This is my place to ramble about stuff and post pictures of things that I don't post at TVaholic.com and NewMovieFriday.com or my other sites that I update much less frequently, if at all anymore, like TheBrownChronicles.com, eWooing.com and GuidetoGolfEquipment.com. This will also be my place to test out plugins [...]

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